Programmable. Compliant. Independent.

IT infrastructure has become an indispensable utility in our digital era. As the cloud has become the norm, the race is on to keep up with the pace of innovation that customers demand. Programmable cloud resources are imperative for any modern business. However, we believe that regulatory compliance and independence are equally important factors.

Our services

We provide scalable and cost-effective cloud services from our data centers around the globe. With City Cloud, our public cloud platform, you get instant access to cloud computing power and complete control of where and how your data is stored.

For industries operating under specific regulations, we offer cloud computing power with built-in regulatory compliance. Our Managed services span across all our operations and allows you to build Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud solutions.

Compliant Cloud

Our compliant cloud solutions ensure your compliance with demands originating from specific laws and regulations concerning auditing, reputability, data handling, and data security. Our clients are predominantly from the financial, insurance, health, and government sectors. However, any business handling sensitive data can benefit from the built-in compliance features in Compliant Cloud.

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City Cloud - Container workloads
City Cloud automation and CI/CD

Private Cloud

Our expertise and years of experience in developing advanced infrastructure solutions are what separates us from the competition. We can build, host, and maintain your private OpenStack-based cloud in any of our data centers.

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Public Cloud

All state-of-the-art data centers provide space, power, and cooling with reliability and performance beyond industry standards. Also, multiple City Cloud nodes in different cities allow you to build and maintain a fully redundant cloud infrastructure.

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City Cloud automation and CI/CD

Compliant Office

Compliant Office is business email, calendars, chats, storage & documents. The only collaboration hub with built-in regulatory compliance integrated and working together on one screen.

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Educational services

Our educational team can help your organisation with both on and off-site training, labs, technical documentation, and tailored cloud training for your specific needs. With our fully integrated cloud training platform, City Cloud Academy, we can help your organisation reach it’s true potential efficiently through self-paced online training.

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Data centers around the world

Proximity, global reach and high availability is key for our clients. Therefore, our data centers are located across the world. City Network offers dedicated OpenStack data centers in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Karlskrona and Buffalo (New York) with more locations to come.
OpenStack Data Centers
Data Centers